'Happy For Now' Blog

There's no happily every after here.  Depending on my mood, HFN is slang for 'Hell F*#%ing No'  ... or ... 'Happy For Now.'

As a student of philosophy, I see things in terms of points and counterpoints.  I play devil's advocate, especially when everyone disagrees with me.  I try to look at things both ways -- this morning she seemed unbending and willful, but this afternoon she's stalwart and gutsy.  I try not to be hypocritical yet wackiness always rules the day:

 "Follies and Nonsense, whims and inconsistencies do divert me, I own, and I laugh at them as often as I can."   -Jane Austen


Marketing a Novel

Two months ago my ideas about how to market a novel included ...


**cicadas chirping**


It's been a challenge.

 I read an article yesterday on how to market your indie novel.  One of the pieces of advice was to set up a blog and be yourself.  Be provocative and entertaining.  If it bleeds, it leads.  If you're genuine, you can write about controversial subjects, even the publishing industry.  

This seems to fly in the face of other advice I've received:  stop challenging people and ignore your detractors.  This was rubbing me the wrong way, so I've set up a page to vent.