'Happy For Now' Blog

There's no happily every after here.  Depending on my mood, HFN is slang for 'Hell F*#%ing No'  ... or ... 'Happy For Now.'

As a student of philosophy, I see things in terms of points and counterpoints.  I play devil's advocate, especially when everyone disagrees with me.  I try to look at things both ways -- this morning she seemed unbending and willful, but this afternoon she's stalwart and gutsy.  I try not to be hypocritical yet wackiness always rules the day:

 "Follies and Nonsense, whims and inconsistencies do divert me, I own, and I laugh at them as often as I can."   -Jane Austen


Pinterest is a Goldmine for Writers

It would be great if I could travel to Rome for all my inspiration.  A trip a few years back definitely helped me write the scene in LOVE and CANDY when Samantha and her parents travel to Italy to visit Anton de' Medici on his home turf, but I can't always jet off to a place where I'd like a scene to be set.  Google 'Images' helps.  Once I googled the name of a national park and got a lot of maps of Western states, but much of what I found was only of benefit to actual visitors to the park.  I spent a lot of time and only got one or two ideas about signs along the trail for my hiking scene.  

When I first was told to open an account on Pinterest in order to increase my exposure and web presence, I had to force myself to sign up.  What do I need this for?  At first I posted too many copies of my novel's cover photo and felt embarrassed by my dull collection of pins. Then I started following a few other boards and noticed the stunning photographs of waterfalls and sunsets and bathroom fixtures popping up on my main page ... and I realized the potential.

I discovered Pinterest is not just recipes and kids clothes.  With very little effort you can find layouts for amazing interiors in contemporary homes or the face of a handsome Italian man (search using the word 'model').  I found castles for a possible regency novel, scenic beachfront locals, dresses for weddings and special occasions, and images of the rock-star lifestyle.  More than I ever thought to look for.  Subscribe to a feed such as Jane Lilly Warren's 'outdoor spaces' and you might get an idea for an entirely new scene. 

Hundreds of gorgeous photos appear with every search.  Unlike googling, no crazy crime scene photos and off putting oddities throw you completely off topic.  Try searching 'Candy' and there are no porno films.

It's a lot of beauty and all ripe for description, which I for one always need help with. I've even used Pinterest to find a smile to describe.

Once you get the hang of it, you can start organizing, creating boards for each novel, for particular characters, and for particular scenes.

How do you use Pinterest?  Please feel free to join the discussion.  I'm happy to have you mention your own books in your comments.