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There's no happily every after here.  Depending on my mood, HFN is slang for 'Hell F*#%ing No'  ... or ... 'Happy For Now.'

As a student of philosophy, I see things in terms of points and counterpoints.  I play devil's advocate, especially when everyone disagrees with me.  I try to look at things both ways -- this morning she seemed unbending and willful, but this afternoon she's stalwart and gutsy.  I try not to be hypocritical yet wackiness always rules the day:

 "Follies and Nonsense, whims and inconsistencies do divert me, I own, and I laugh at them as often as I can."   -Jane Austen


Mix and Match: Trending Titles for NA/YA Romances

Staring off into space as usual, I dreamed of a bookshelf full of new YA/NA romances...


Bared to a Poet: A sex romp with a twenty-something British poet laureate named Byron.

Deadly Gorgeous: A secret agent falls for his target, a diplomat who turns out to be a zombie.

Gentleman of Disaster: A former gigolo is looking for a new life in Disaster, Tennessee. 

The town of Disaster is the setting for ...

Hillbilly Hottie (Disaster #2) *Shockingly, the author of Hillbilly Hottie is accused of plagiarizing an episode of the Beverly Hillbillies, but she proves her innocence and releases ...

Losing a Dangerous Disaster (Disaster #3): A rancher in Disaster, Tennessee chooses the wrong woman, then realizes his mistake with the help of his loyal assistant named Sally.

Scarily Appealing: A ghost with six pack abs shows up on campus and helps a losing team turn things around and win the state championship.

Overwrought and Self-Assured: The heart-wrenching story of a burned-out Kurt-Cobain-like rock star.


Sleazy: A girl with a bad reputation tries out for the New York Ballet Theater and accidentally starts dating one of the the instructors at the school.

Breezy (Sleazy #2): A frustrated Manhattan office worker heads for the high seas as a cruise director.

Cheesy (Sleazy #3): The youngest sister of a ballerina and cruise director goes to France to study cheese making and meets the owner of a local vineyard.

Loveless: The story of a guy who loves a girl named Leslie.


Come to think of it, some of these sound interesting.  Who am I to make fun of titles?  For my novel, LOVE and CANDY, I wanted to think up a brilliant title but kept coming back to the first scene of the story when Delaney sings Sex and Candy by Marcy's Playground to a girl licking a lollipop.  At best the title is misleading. 

The truth is, I'm feeling snarky because LOVE and CANDY is off trend a bit -- the tone is serious drama and the conversation is tense and snide, risky sex isn't regretted, there's a dominant/submissive dynamic that's not play but real life, and the main character is a brain who's not a role model.  I wrote it inside my own little world, completely unaware of the situation in publishing today.  So imagine my surprised when I started studying the titles on the best sellers list.