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The first review of Light, Bright & Sparkling

5 stars!! Ms. Famous has done it again! A smart, sexy, funny and romantic read with a swoon-worthy hero and a spunky and appealing heroine and tons of interesting and provocative sub-text. The quality of the writing is first rate. Highly recommended!

LIGHT, BRIGHT & SPARKLING is available now!

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Backcover blurb for Light, Bright & Sparkling by Elizabeth Famous:

Annabelle Montclare, a spritely singer/actress, is navigating the Hollywood scene with aplomb, never taking herself too seriously, when she collapses on stage. Warren Fitzgerald, a world-renowned gynecological surgeon, saves her life, and in return Annabelle goads him with her good-natured impertinence, flirting shamelessly while recovering.

Dr. Fitzgerald isn't interested in a meaningless fling with a pop star--not to mention it's unethical to date a patient. But when the two cross paths ten months later at a Beverly Hills charity gala, they're unable to take their eyes off each other as they exchange verbal jabs about his bigheadedness and her provocativeness.

 Warren, who's cheated on girlfriends in the past, is ready to hit the brakes and fulfill his lifelong desire to become a dad. Annabelle, who's ten years his junior, is focused on carving out a creative path all her own. It would help if their families could stand each other, and the huge discrepancy in their educational backgrounds makes Warren's esteemed colleagues slam him for getting involved with a young woman who brags about her conquests during gossipy TV interviews.

 What happens when a sparkling presence, a girl born to entertain, becomes entangled with a grounded, strong-willed man who might rein in her exuberance or drive her head over heals?